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So Momma has found a new app for my make-up lovers. The name of the app is called Hush. They also have a website but I love the app so much better! It only takes a few clicks to order and you're left with no headaches from shopping online. All of the make-up is under 20 dollars and high pigmented (highly recommended for my make-up artist). Did I mission they ship for FREE?! Yes, every order has FREE shipping. 

Hush updates new make-up to their website/app store as well to keep up what's is trending. I've purchased from hush a few times so far and I've had no problems. Check out the items I had purchased so far to see what you like. Don't forgot to subscribe and return to mac momma. 

Momma what's the link?: Shophush.com
Momma what's the app?: The name of the app is called "hush" and the icon looks just the picture attached to the post. 

<![CDATA[Fall to remember 2017]]>Mon, 16 Oct 2017 17:23:49 GMThttp://returnofthemac.net/blog/fall-to-remember-2017Well, well, well,....fall is finally here and it's time to bring out the Autumn colors. Below I've found some nice brands that match the colors in the picture. Warm dark colors beautiful on every tone. You can't go wrong with the variety of shades that have to offer this end of the year holidays.
Name of brand: Lime Crime
Color: Nightshade
​Source: limecrime.com
Name of brand: Mac Cosmetics
Color: Instigator
​Source: maccosmetics.com
Name of Brand: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid lip

Color: Possessed Plum

Source: Target.com 
Name of brand: NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte lip Cream

Color: Coperhagen 

Source: Target.com 
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So Momma has something in store for you guys! Have you noticed our new logo for the site? Thought I share my little happiness of joy! Hope you love our Miami Vice style logo!

​Momma where can I get one made?
​- I provide graphic design services now for small businesses owners and/or whoever would like to take their creativity up a notch!

​Momma How much does it cost?
​- Contact me directly to find out service rates. You can click or on the tab of "services" or "contact" to get in touch with me and to see more work.